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Sequence Valves


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Line Mounted, Direct Acting Sequence Valve

Part Number Schematic Flow Rate (L/min) Adjustment Range (bar) Max Pressure (bar) Port Sizes
FPSQ-D-30-CB-P-3/8-10 sequencevalves_features_fpsq-d-30-cb-p-38-20 40 30-100 210 G3/8
FPSQ-D-30-CB-P-3/8-20 40 50-220 210 G3/8

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  • FPSQ-D-30-CB-P-3/8-10

    Brand: Fluid-Press
    List Price: $150.00 ex. GSTOur Price: $97.50 ex. GST
  • FPSQ-D-30-CB-P-3/8-20

    Brand: Fluid-Press
    List Price: $150.00 ex. GSTOur Price: $97.50 ex. GST